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We support the success and growth of your business as your partner!

Kona vacation rental property managerHawaii Vacation Rental Managers Association MemberWe would like to use this opportunity to introduce Boundless Hawaii, LLC, the leader in a broad array of property management and vacation rental services. We have a relentless focus on delivering personalized service, and high standards in all areas of our operations. We managed and rented properties exclusively for the past decade and our company offers a broad array of services that help you get the most out of your business or real estate investment. Our representation services are specifically designed for those who need legal and logistical support "on-island" to grow their own vacation rental business. We are your partner in almost any possible way, and our services can growth with the success of your business. In addition, we offer standard property management services for those that don't rent out their property but desire a regular check up, repair, walk through, arrival, or housekeeping services.

What we offer and why we are unique!

  1. Referrals: Our sales channels reach deep and far, we get thousands of inquiries and with our referral program you can accelerate your growth.
  2. Legal Compliance: We are a licensed real estate broker, and we can keep you in compliance no matter how vacation rental laws evolve.
  3. Growth Protection: As your business expands we can offer you a more comprehensive set of property management services.
  4. Peace of Mind: Your property and investment is always looked after professionally, 24x7, even when you are 5,000 miles away.
  5. Technology Benefits: We provide a property management platform that keeps you always connected with our operational infrastructure.

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Overview of our Services

We offer two distinct advantages with our property management services:

  • We manage your personal property, including regular walk through, repairs, arrival & departure services, and/or housekeeping services. We manage your property while you are away.
  • We are your "on island" representation for the vacation rental business you run, and we keep you in compliance with local real estate and tax laws. We offer many additional services, such as housekeeping repairs, landscaping, and more, in case you would like to outsource those services.

We like to set up a long term partnership with you and deliver the services that best match your needs as your property and/or business requirements evolve. We can simply be your representative on the Big Island and give your property our "seal of approval," or we can provide a full range of additional services. Maybe you are renting out your own property today but like help with repair services as it's hard to manage vendors from afar. You might need different services in a year from now because your personal or business circumstances change. You can grow and scale with us any way you like. We don't lock you into long term contracts, and we work to earn your business every day as your partner to support the success of your property (or properties) on the Big Island of Hawaii!

But there is more... we get thousands of inquiries due to the size of our business and the marketing program we run. Often we can't serve the requests we get due to a number of factors. We match those leads with the properties we represent and forward them to you!

A Services Portfolio That's Flexible

We offer a range of services that start with entry level property management. From there you can customize your own service package any way you like. We will set up a property management portal for you to ensure your needs are integrated into our online operational management systems. The initial setup fee for your account is $150. You can get started for as low as $90/month and have peace of mind that you are in compliance with local real state and tax laws. In our experience representation services fees can run as low as 2% of your gross rental revenues! We offer discounts for multi-services packages.

  • Base property management services: This includes the base services we provide when we represent your property i.e. Emergency Contact; Online Owner Tracking Account; Contact for State of HI. If interested, the basic service offers the Boundless Hawaii Seal of Approval. This curation service gives your customers confidence about booking your property. In addition, your property can be listed on our website and highlighted in our social media activities giving you more exposure and potential leads. We will forward potential leads to you if they match your property
  • Onsite Renter Services: We will inspect your property prior to arrival of your renters and meet them to hand over the key and answer any questions
  • Bi Weekly Walkthrough: We will inspect your property bi-weekly
  • Managed Housekeeping: You tell us when you need cleaning services and we’ll manage the cleaning crews, crew scheduling, and random cleaning quality inspections
  • Landscaping Á Pool Management: We manage the landscaping and pool vendors and any irregular service calls you require
  • Repair & Maintenance: You schedule maintenance requests through your account portal and we’ll make sure the a qualified, licensed, and dependable vendor does the job
  • Lockbox & Key Management: We will add your property to the lockbox management we already do for our vacation homes to ensure your lockbox codes are regularly changed and kept up to date for your customers
  • Emergency Response: For a fee will be provide emergency response services or any additional inspections you might require

disclaimer: Users of this website and our services acknowledge and understand that Boundless Hawaii, LLC is a property management company only, and not a registered investment adviser, or a broker dealer and is not acting in any way to influence investments of any kind, or provide any investment, financial, tax or legal advice of any kind, including, but not limited to, the nature, potential value, returns, or suitability or any particular security, real estate property, transaction or investment strategy. See the legal page for further details