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Given the growing popularity of vacation rentals, companies are consolidating and have formed new partnerships. As a result, booking fees have become quite common in the industry. However, if you book directly through us we will not charge those additional fees and pass the savings on to you!

Customer Service Representative

You can simply call us toll free at 1-877-782-5662 and speak with one of our friendly reservation agents to evaluate your vacation in Kona Hawaii and use one of our stunning vacation rentals. We can handle all your request on the phone and complete your booking. Jointly we can review possible properties.

Internet Bookings

All of our vacation rentals can be accessed through the internet. It will give you detailed information, pictures, virtual tours, a bookings calendar, and real time pricing information. This is the preferred way to narrow down your options and select a few vacation rentals you like, and are available. You can complete all of the steps of your booking on the internet.

Web sites and legal entities

We deploy the latest in cloud based reservations capabilities. Our reservations software is hosted on a different domain (URL) called Don't be alarmed when you are linked over to this internet site when you start the vacation rental selection and booking process.


Reservations The business of vacation rentals is quite different from hotels, motels, and resorts. Each property is unique, and often it's hard to capture this even after we post 20 pictures on the internet from every possible angle, including virtual tours. Industry surveys tell us that over 70% of the people that book vacation rentals prefer to talk to the property manager before they make their final booking. We encourage people to talk to us because we want to make sure we match you with a property you will like. Since every property is unique it makes sense that vacation rental users are booking their properties well in advance, sometimes as far as a year out in time. It ensures you get the property you want, at the location you desire, with the view you will enjoy. Book early, it's worth it!

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The Booking Process is Easy and Personal

book now Online information is critical to make sure you know what we have available when. Our web presence is based on the latest internet technology and vacation rental reservations software. We provide detailed descriptions and many photo's of our properties online, including customer reviews and virtual tours. Furthermore, we provide real time calendars for each property and they are kept up to date by the minute. You can get instant price quotes for our properties, and can complete the booking process entirely online including payment. All this will give you the latest information at your fingertips! You can also call us toll free at 1-877-782-5662 and speak with one of our friendly reservation agents to evaluate your vacation in Kona Hawaii. Jointly we can review possible properties if you have access to the internet. Also, our reservation agents are familiar with discounts and specials for our vacation rentals and can give you the most up to date information.

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Protect your Hawaii vacation with coverage for trip cancellation, interruption, or delay.

  1. Sickness, injury, or death of you, a family member, or traveling companion.
  2. Traffic accident while en route to departure.
  3. Involuntary termination, and more...
  4. Necessary medical, surgical, or emergency dental care if you or a travel companion become sick or accidentally injured.
  5. Emergency transportation to the nearest suitable medical facility.
  6. Help to return home and companion airfare to visit you if hospitalized and more
  7. For complete details please follow this link

insuranceWe proudly stands behind our travel insurance products and services. That's why we offer a 10-day free evaluation of all of our travel insurance plans. You'll have the ability to cancel your coverage and receive a full refund if you aren't completely satisfied, as long as you haven't left for your Big Island Hawaii Vacation yet. As part of the booking we ask you to take out vacation rental damage insurance. This is to protect you, us, and the owner of the property. Please visit this link to obtain your insurance policy or certificate of insurance for your Vacation Rental Damage plan. The plan includes protection against accidental damage to your rental accommodations during your stay.

Please visit here to obtain your travel insurance policy or certificate of insurance for your Covered Trip if you have paid for or authorized payment for the travel insurance. The travel protection, if purchased, includes insurance coverage for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Travel Delay, Baggage Delay, Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Emergency Assistance. Please read your document carefully as certain limitations, restrictions and exclusions apply. The insurance coverage is underwritten by Generali, U.S Branch and the non-insurance assistance services are provided by CSA's designated provider. Please contact CSA at 866-999-4018 if you have any questions.

Finishing things up

 After the reservation is completed we'll send you your account information in the following 1 to 3 business days so that you can manage your reservations, take care of a few legal documents, book groceries, and take surveys. To process legal documents we use DocuSign. We built this capability to minimize the need to print, sign, and fax forms, you can complete all these steps online and with the click of a mouse!